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Day in the Life sessions:

Three hours session

Six hours session

Twelve hours session

One hour session - Everyone has a different budget and we dont want to leave anyone out from  creating memories in print. One hour session are usually 20 min of formal pictures and 40 minutes of fun candid moments. We provide our clients a list of activities to do to get the most out of  the hour, such as bubbles, flyinng kites, baking cookies, coloring, riding bikes etc.. 

Any shoot of three hours and more is a "DITL" or " Day in the life" . Please find below more info about this shoots

Three hour session -  A great way to capture your family at home.  We can pick activities that represent your family the most ant take advantage of every minute of the shoot

Six hours session - This is the most popular shoot, it allows me to be part of daily routines. Usually kids are going crazy for pictures in the first hour, by the second hour they calmed down and after that they forget I am there and they become themselves.  You can pick mornings or afternoons, creating memories of everyday routines, meals and family rituals. 

Twelve hours session - Full day sessions are the best way to capture the the everyday life. From morning to Nightime. Every full day session comes with a 30 page book with the artist edits. Imagine having one of this books every year and seeing your family grow within the years.

Twelve hours shoot is also popular for people on vacations. Making each one of them a beautiful vacation album.

A day in the Life ..

DITL is a documentary approach to family photography. It is unscripted & un-posed of everyday family life. It's all about taking photos as you and your family interact just as you would on a day when a I am not there. I want to capture the true essence of your family, your relationships, the stage of life you are currently experiencing. I want to capture the good, the bad, the ugly, the pretty, the happy, the messy and everything in between.

2 reasons I love DITL

1. Your children will be able to see how their childhood looked like. Day in the life photos will gain more and more value as years pass by. The older your kids get, the more they’ll forget small details of their childhood. Having these pictures taken helps them remember and they’ll cherish these photos forever.

2- No posing, It’s about you and your family. There is no posing the picture or creating an environment. It’s natural and real, I want to show your life in an honest way, the way your children will remember it.

How does it work: 

Before your session we will discuss your family’s interests, particular memories you’d like to capture, and what activities you would  like to do together. Think of a morning having breakfast outside, a walk at the park, baking cookies, a day at the beach flying kites, a stop at the grocery store or an intense session of Lego building. But whatever activity you decide, make sure is something you and your family do in a regular basis. Whatever it is that makes your family yours. And yes I know, tantrums do happen tthrough the day and, yes I still take pictures.


Ideas for activities

Ok, I don’t know who intevented bubbles but he/she was a genius. Children and toddlers loves bubbles and it brings lots of smiles to the shoot

Flying a kite:
I usualy get awesome images of kids “trying” to fly a kite more than the actually fying it. But at the end usually mom or dad comes to the rescue and gets that kite up high. 

Chalks on the street:
One of my favorites activities. This brings color, smiles and maybe future artists in the future. 

Ok, here is a really messy and fun one. Always ends up with some yummy treats

We dont have to go far or crazy on ideas. If your kids favorite place is the playground. Why dont make some memories there?

Water balloons:
I love water ballons, it gives me tons of action shots and kids have lots of fun. 

Kids books are awesome. Feel free to bring your kid’s favorite story for them to read.

Potato sacks:
Remember the potato sack race is not only for kids! Make sure mom and dad race too!

Ice cream:
Another messy one, but SO much fun. 

Snow time:
Sorry Florida friends, But I have been traveling lots doing documentary family sessions and this one is a great one! Dont let the weather keep you indoors

Silly strings:
Great entertainment for all ages.


bikes, rollerblades, scooters, skates:
For the adventureos lets put those helmets on and get some action shots. 

I have seen in many houses trampolins in their backyard. This is a really good one for crazy jumping pictures


You can never go wrong with the beach and pool 


What to wear

ONE RULE ONLY! Be yourself. The purpose of these photos is to capture each individual as they truly are, to capture the family, the relationships, and people in the photos just as they are. Forcing children to wear outfits that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar to them may cause some anxiety and stress to them which in turn will inhibit really capturing their personalities during sessions. Same goes to adults. Wear clothing that YOU feel good in and the pictures will emanate those feeling. If your child wears a pair of rain boots everywhere he goes, it makes the most sense to have him wear them for pictures as well. Remember, you want to capture everyone and they are NOW.


Where are we shooting? If we are going to shoot at the beach make sure you bring comfy shoes, flip flops sandals etc... If we are going to a park with tall grass , ants, and mosquitos boots are always welcome. Also think of colors that are not close to the backgrounds.

Let's say we are back at the beach, beige will not work as well since you might blend with the sand. Or at the park green might not be the be the best choice either. 



Time to shoot - If you like the sleeping pictures. Make sure you book your photo shoot within 2 weeks after the baby is born. At that time it is much easier to pose the baby and make sure they stay asleep. 

Big brothers & SistersIf the baby has older siblings, I try to make the sibling shots my very first priority and then let them go play while we finish the session.  Toddlers simply don’t have the attention span to sit quietly and wait for you to call on them for their picture so get their poses done first while they are curious and excited about your visit

Props – in my opinion props take away from the picture. Babies are already cute enough and you don't want to focus the attention anywhere else than their faces, little feet, eyes etc. I do recommend nice blankets if wanted for plain backdrops.



Location - I shoot all newborns in their homes. As a documentary photographer not only I take pictures of the baby but of the family interacting with the new member in their house.

"I just gave birth, I don't want to be in the pictures until I loose weight" - I have been told this many times, and I understand. But trust me when I tell you you will regret not being in the pictures. Those images are yours and I will not post any of them if you don't want me to. Babies grow so fast, and you would be creating a picture your son/daughter will treasure for a lifetime.




Wardrobe - It's very important not to hide the bump. Tight tank tops are easy to roll up and show the belly. Make sure you are as comfortable as you can be. flowy skirts works great as well.

When - Wait until you are big, but not too big. Every woman is different. I typically recommend the beginning of the last trimester and hopefully before 35 weeks.  If you do the session too early in the pregnancy you might not be able to tell there is a bump which makes it sort of difficult. 


On line gallery

Every shoot comes with an on line gallery. From the gallery you will be able to download all images in high res.

It is a great way to share your images with friends and families just by sending a link



For DITL (Day in the Life) shoots take place at the families houses. From there we might go to the park, groceries, beach, etc. But for the 1 hour shoot most of the times is best to pick an outdoor location. 

So here are some of my favorite places to shoot:

The Lighthouse (Key Biscayne)

The Barnacle Historic State Park (Coconut Grove)

Matheson Hammock (Coral Gables) 

Deering Estate at Cutler (South Miami)


Bonnet House (FortLauderdale) 

The Beach - any ( Key Biscayne, Sunny Isles, South Point, The Keys)

Your house - Just because I shoot longer sessions in houses doesn't mean one hour shoot cannot be in your own house as well. Because we love outdoor shooting we just recommend for people living in buildings to go on location. But if you live in a house with a back yard that could definitely be an option to shoot.

Virginia Key - Key Viscayne

Wynwood Walls- Wynwood


Print, print & print

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